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Eleuthera is known for its pink sandy beaches

Satellite view of south Eleuthera from NASA

The color of the water

Nature Slideshow

Cushion Starfish

Please enjoy these beautiful starfish.  Take a picture or move the star fish into deeper water but do not attempt to keep.  Cusion starish will rot and you will only have a brown mess versus a beautiful starfish.  Winding Bay has extensive cushion star fish colony that we want to preserve.  At time, you can see upwards to 50 starfish in various colors. 

Conch Shell resting on outside shower with moon rising over it.

Enjoy showering under the stars or after an adventure in the ocean.  There are two full baths within the home and one outside shower.  There is also a foot bath to wash your treasures, clean your snorkel gear and feet.

Cushion Starfish

Winding Bay has a significant cushion starfish colony.  These large beautiful starfish cannot be dried out and will result in them rotting. Please enjoy taking photos and moving them further into the water, but do not try to take them home.


There are lots of dogs on the island and locals call them potcakes.

Habour Island

A ten-minute ferry ride from dock in North Eleuthera to Harbor Island, a picturesque, bustling settlement which is famed for its 3-mile pink sand beach.

Preacher's Cave

6 miles north of the Bluff, where the founders of Eleuthera, the "Eleutheran Adventurers", took refuge after bring shipwrecked in 1648.

Upper and Lower Bogue

serene, farming villages where most of the island’s citrus is grown.

The Current

a small fishing village, and one of Eleuthera’s earliest settlements.

The Bluff

a small farming community with citrus groves

The Glass Window Bridge

Image of the Glass Window Bridge

located between Gregory Town and Upper Bogue. The narrow ridge that divides the island almost in two, separates the raging Atlantic on one side, from the still calm waters of the Gulf on the other side.

Gregory Town

renowned for the one of the Bahamas’ best surfing beaches and succulent Eleuthera pineapple.

Hatchet Bay

nestled on a deep-water harbor. Remains of a once thriving cattle plantation established in the 1950’s can still be seen.

The Cave

1 + miles outside Hatchet Bay. A mile-long cave with magnificent stalagmites and stalactites

The Cliffs

two-miles north of James Cistern. The rugged beauty of these sheer cliffs are remarkable.

Governor's Harbour

a picturesque village which was the original capital of the Bahamas. It has a lot of charm and has several popular restaurants and a festive fish fry every Friday evening.

Palmetto Point

There are several good restaurants, a nice deli and it has many nice beaches.

Ten Bay Beach

On the Caribbean side (left) and the entrance is 14.2 miles from the house. Good shelling at low tide & great sunsets.

Tarpum Bay

a serene fishing village with pastel colored cottages. On fair weather days, the fisherman return @3PM, and you can go to the pier and buy snapper, conch, grouper and lobster. Sunsets are also beautiful in this quaint village.

Rock Sound

the hub of South Eleuthera, has a good grocery store, as well as a liquor and hardware store. Not to be missed is Ocean Hole, a large inland ocean hole 100 fathoms deep, where tropical fish come to be fed by visitors.

Davis Harbour Marina

Fishing is one of the main activities that people do in Eleuthera. Deep sea fishing charters are available out of Davis Harbour Marina in Waterford.

Harbour Island

Take a day trip to Harbour Island

The Glass Window Bridge

At 30 feet wide, the Glass Window Bridge is on the narrowest part of Eleuthera and connects to North Eleuthera.   Two miles east of Upper Bogue and north of Gregory Town, you will find the breathing taking views of The Glass Window Bridge.  Rock cliffs drop dramatically on both sides to nearly sea level, giving the impression that the island is cut in two and allows you to see both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea at the same time.  Be sure to watch where these two bodies of water meet in a beautiful display of water. 


The Cow and The Bull

Eleuthera offers more than miles of beautiful beaches, ther is also caves, cliffs and ocean holes.  A land formation of interest is the  Cow andthe Bull.  This interesting land formation that can be found two miles south of the Glass Window Bridge.

Govenors Harbour

The historic Haynes Library in Governors Harbour

Beach near Governors Harbour

Former Club Med Beach

Tarpum Bay

Banyan Tree

There used to be a large grove of banyan trees in between Rock Sound and Tarpum Bay

Rock Sound

Kalik the beer of the Bahamas

Named after the sound of the cowbells used in Junkanoo.

The beach outside Davis Marina

Tarpum Bay warf